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I am definitely a morning bird. I love waking up before the sun appears, spending some time on my yoga mat and taking the time to start my day with a slow and nourishing routine, before I have to zip down Leeward Highway to start work at 8. I also LOVE breakfast; it is my favourite meal of the day and, particularly at the weekends, I enjoy taking the time to make it a extra special.

As a child in Scotland I used to fuel up for the chilly mornings with a big bowl of porridge – usually topped with drizzles of Lyle’s golden syrup or a very generous scattering of rich dark demerara sugar. I loved it when the little crust would form over the top and I would attack from the cooler edges and work my way inwards.

Then when I went first went gluten-free – over 16 years ago now –  I stopped eating oats because of concerns over cross-contamination in the processing of the grain. Then with moving to a warmer climate I never quite made my way back to them – until recently. As I have been experimenting with a more Ayurvedic approach to eating, I have found that starting the day with a warming bowl of oats – cooked with some fruit, a tsp of ghee and spices like cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg – is working really well for me and my digestive fire (Agni).

Although I tend to stick to the same breakfast on work mornings, I do like to get a little more playful in the kitchen at the weekends and have found some amazing inspiration for twists on oats – and other nourishing GF grains – on some of the foodie blogs that I read regularly. Below I have a picked a few that I think you might like to try, but you could also spend many hours perusing their recipe archives for lots more great ideas. I’m going to try not to get stuck in a breakie rut this year and try something new every weekend – join me!

Oh, and before I go, I do have one other tip that I have found really helpful. If, like me, you have a sensitive digestive system, it is a really good idea to soak your oats, or whatever other grain you are using, overnight to make them easier to digest. I just stick mine in a jar and cover them with water before I hop into bed and then they are ready to go the next morning. The soaking also means that they cook faster too.

If you live on Provo and are hunting for GF oats, IGA have the quick cooking oats from Bob’s Red Mill. And, as I was so happy to discover a few weeks ago, the new Quality supermarket near the hospital are stocking thick cut rolled oats by Hodgson Mill – great for GF baking too!


chai spiced multigrain porridge


vanilla chai pudding + antioxidant jam


creamy coconut millet


coconut, almond + quinoa breakfast cakes


raspberry ripple buckwheat porridge

 {all photos are from the respective bogs and all recipes link back to the blogs I found them on}

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